Kat Von T is like the pizza delivery boy of auditions. SHE DELIVERS!

– G. Charles Wright, CSA
"The Middle," "Anger Management"

KVT is a "go to" comedic actress. She never disappoints.

– Greg Orson, CSA
"The Vampire Diaries," "Better With You," "Reba"

I've watched Katherine Von Till play demure, refined ladies and off the wall wackos. Despite knowing her personally, I'm not sure which part of her range is closer to the real Katie. But it doesn't matter, I love them all. And working with her is pure joy.

– Jason Alexander
Star of “Seinfeld,” Writer/Director/Producer/Actor, Artistic Director Reprise Theatre Co.

Von Till is an irresistible heroine whose electrifying vocals incinerate the house.

– Los Angeles Times

Katherine Von Till captures perfectly the callow zest of a not-too-bright romantic who bumbles her way to love and happiness.

– Variety



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Katie talks to Refinery29 about being the voice of Snow White!


Commercial with Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell and I haggled during March Madness.


Check out these clips!

Katie recurs as Kimberly, everyone's favorite East Texas Newscaster, on Young Sheldon!

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